ARBOR BEATA is an organic, superior quality, extra virgin olive oil produced only by mechanical means (without heat or chemicals) from "Koroneiki" and "Manaki" unripe olives.

ARBOR BEATA is the result of our efforts, the efforts of two young engineers (Michalis Pachnos / chemical engineer and Nikos Papafilippou / environmental engineer) that are working together since 2008 in a common passion project, along with our “day” jobs, to revive and reboot our common inherited by our grandparents rural property and create a new organic olive grove in Corinth, Greece, in order to offer a unique olive oil to our family and friends.

In early 2009, we cleared the old orange grove, planted young olive trees and since then we prune and cultivate organically our estate and so, we have created unique links with every tree of our olive grove.

In 2012, the trees came to fruition for the first time, we collected our first olives with our friends and we produced a delicious olive oil rewarding our efforts and motivating us to improve even more our production in the future. The olives are hand-picked, temporally stored in small plastic crates and processed the same day, for short time, in low temperatures malaxers.


The methods of cultivation, oil extraction and packaging we use, allow the preservation and enhancement of natural antioxidant polyphenols present in the fruit, which are related to the beneficial properties of olive oil, its bitter taste and the healthy Mediterranean Diet.

The flavors of ARBOR BEATA are highlighted when consumed fresh, accompanying salads, meat, fish etc.

ARBOR BEATA is a well balanced, green medium fruity, superior category olive oil, with a light bitter taste and a medium pungent character.

Acidity (%) 0.36 ≤ 0.80
K268 0.145 ≤ 0.22
K232 1.655 ≤ 2.50
DK -0.005 ≤ 0.01
Peroxides 6.9 ≤ 20.0
Organoleptic test Extra virgin -
Defects 0 = 0
Fruity 4.9 > 0
Bitter 4.0 -
Pungent 4.4 -


Through our efforts in cultivating and pruning our olive grove and producing a delicious olive oil, we started exploring the unique potential of this wonderful tree and “fruit juice”. We also participated since 2012 in multiple seminars on olive growing, pruning, state-of-the-art methods of oil extraction, tasting of olive oil and since 2015 Michalis is certified by the Italian National Organization of Olive Oil Tasters (ONAOO - Organizzazione Nazionale Assaggiatori Olio di Oliva).

The harvest of 2015 gave a unique olive oil, from early harvested unripe olives, vivid green, fruity, pungent, bitter, with extremely low acidity and well balanced organoleptic characteristics. ARBOR BEATA may be considered as an “Ultra-Premium” organic virgin olive oil.


Berlin Global Olive Oil 2020
Organic Bronze Award
BIOL 2017
Gold Award
Gold Award
New York International 2017
Silver Award
London IOOC 2017
Bronze Award
Silver Award
Olive Japan 2016
Silver Award
8th Aristion London 2016
Silver Award



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